Journal March 2012

JMHHB 2012 17(1) Editorial

Stress and Suicides in Medical Students : Time To Act ?

Abstract: Students, residents, and young physicians appear to be at an increased risk for suicidal thoughts and even actual suicide.1 Interestingly, students begin their medical college with almost similar rates of depression as their non-medical counterparts. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Dr A.K. Kala Award

A Compartive Study of Olanzapine Versus Divalproex in acute treatment of bipolar disorder: A 3 week Prospective Study

Introduction:Abstract Bipolar disorder is a devastating condition with wide-reaching negative consequences. Treatment guidelines, while often varied, commonly emphasize the use of mood stabilizers and atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of bipolar mania Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Buckshey Award-

Prevalance of Metabolic Syndrome in unipolar depression: An exploratory study

Introduction: Abstract: Metabolic syndrome is a risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease and type -2 diabetes mellitus. Depression and diabetes share a two way relationship. Only a few studies have evaluated the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in depression and there is none from India. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Review Article

Managing Dual diagnosis patient with psychosis and substance use disorder

Introduction: Abstract: Comorbid psychosis and substance use disorders present unique challenges in management. Diagnostic difficulties, poor motivation, paranoia towards treatment setting, medical comorbidities, drug interactions, homelessness and social isolation are some of the potential problems in such patients. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Review Article

An evidence based clinical review on the role of atypical antipsychotics in depression

Introduction: Abstract: Today though we have a large number of antidepressants, there are also a large number of patients who do not respond to traditional antidepressant therapy. Various augmentation stategies have been suggested in these cases the foremost being atypical antipsychotic therapy. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Original Article

Psychiatric morbidity in brun injury patients

Introduction: Abstract:Available western literature suggests that there may be a high prevalence of psychiatric co morbidity in burn injury patients. It raises several issues pertaining to
screening and management. However, only a limited data is available from Indian settings. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Original Article

Quality of Life in caregiver of persons with mental retardation and chronic Schizophrenia : A comparitive study

Introduction: Abstract : The caregivers of persons with chronic psychiatric disability experience considerable amount of burden leading to a poor quality of life (QoL). Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Original Article

Sucidial ideation among medical students of Delhi

Introduction: Abstract :Suicide is emerging as a public health problem. The suicidal ideation is increasing amongst the younger age group, particularly students. However, little is known about this problem amongst medical students in India. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Inspirations from history

A compartive study of percieved stress and quality of life of residents working at clinical and non clincial departments

Introduction: Abstract : Stress and stress-related illnesses are common in medical residents. If unattended, these illnesses might have serious repercussions affecting the quality of
patient health care and physician’s well-being. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Case Report

Armodafanil for the treatment of Kleine -Levin Syndrome

Introduction: Abstract :Kleine–Levin syndrome (KLS) is a rare disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of hypersomnia and to various degrees, behavioral or cognitive disturbances, compulsive eating behavior, and hypersexuality. There is no definite treatment for KLS and several pharmacological agents have been tried with variable success. We report the case of a young male with KLS who showed a favorable response to armodafinil. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) List of Interesting Article

What is happening in Reserach Elsewhere ?

Introduction: Abstract: The association between autoimmune diseases and schizophrenia has rarely been systematically investigated. Taiwan’s national database was used to identify 10 811 hospital in-patients with schizophrenia and 108 110 age-matched controls. Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Instructions for contributor

The Journal of Mental Health and Human Behaviour (JMHHB) is the official publication of the Indian Psychiatric Society

Introduction: Abstract : The Journal of Mental Health and Human Behaviour (JMHHB) is the official publication of the Indian Psychiatric Society Read More

JMHHB 2012 17(2) Guidelines for IPS-NZ awards