Rules for Becoming Members


Membership Categories & Criteria:

Life Ordinary Member (LOM):

The fee is Rs 3000.


Registered Medical practitioners under Schedule I or II or part II of Schedule III of the Indian Medical Council Act (1956), or who have any other recognized medical qualification that is considered equivalent to the above by the Council of the Indian Psychiatric Society, and, those who are actively engaged in the pursuit of the aims and objects of the Society shall be eligible for Life Ordinary Membership. So, a postgraduate student of Psychiatry, an M.B.B.S. degree holder, or a Psychiatrist may apply in this category.

The applicant must be a Life Ordinary Member of the Indian Psychiatric Society.

Life Fellow (LF):

The fee is Rs 5000.
All those who are Life Ordinary Members of the Indian Psychiatric Society can directly apply to become a Life Fellow of the Indian Psychiatric Society – North Zone if 5 years or more have elapsed since obtaining the first qualification in Psychiatry.
Those who are already Life Ordinary Members of the I.P.S. – North Zone, have to pay only the balance amount (that is, 5000-3000 =2000) of Rs 2000 while those who are not Life Ordinary Members as yet, may apply directly for Life Fellow with a fee of Rs 5000.


The eligibility is the same as becoming a Life Fellow of the I.P.S. (The applicant has to first become a Life Fellow of I.P.S. and then apply for the Life Fellow of the I.P.S. – North Zone).

Upgrading from a Life Ordinary Member to a Life Fellow (LOM to LF):

The fee is Rs 2000


Members who have joined the association as LOM can upgrade to LF after 5 years of obtaining the “First Qualification in Psychiatry”.

Life Associate Member (LAM):

The fee is Rs 4500.


Workers in allied fields of social, educational, psychological, legal, and medical sciences who are interested in the aims and objectives of the Society are eligible for Associate Membership. Clinical Psychologists / Psychiatric Social workers may apply in this category.

Documents needed to be uploaded:

Passport Size Photograph
ID Proof
Letter from HOD (for PG Students only)
A photocopy of the highest degree attained
Transaction Details (Screenshot)
The Membership number of the I.P.S. (LOM/LF, as applicable)

Online application involves 3 steps:

Step 1: Check your eligibility as per the above guidelines.
Step 2: Deposit the required fee as mentioned above.
Step 3: Download the membership form. Fill it up and send it by post along with the required documents and transaction details to the address mentioned on the membership form.

The details of the Bank account are as follows:

*DD/cheque should be made in favor of Indian Psychiatric Society-NZ, Payable at Chandigarh.
*For RTGS, the Account Number is 31489959628; IFSC SBIN0010607; State Bank of India, GMCH Sec 32, Chandigarh.

The completed application forms along with the required documents to be posted to the Treasurer office.