Journal March 2011 JMHHB 2011 16(1): 1-4 Editorial

Child and adolescent mental health: Need for a public health approach

upspringing Introduction:
Abstract: Children are one third of our population, but all of our futures. As highlighted in the recently organized IPS-North zone CME on childhood and adolescent psychiatric disorders Read More JMHHB 2011 16(1): 5-11 Presidential Address –

A Journey from captivity to freedom

Introduction: Abstract :As we know that massive changes are occurring all around us in social, demographic,political, economic and other areas of human life, its effects are bound to occur on human health in general, and mental health in particular Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 12-17 Buckshey Award-

Factors associated with treatment lag in mental health care

Introduction: Abstract :Despite the substantial distress and impairment caused by mental disorders and the availability of effective therapies, unmet need for treatment of mental disorders remains a serious public health problem Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 18-28 Review Article

Cognitive dysfunction as a trait marker of Bipolar disorder: A critical review

Introduction: Abstract: Cognitive impairments have been found in euthymic period of BD and have been projected as a core feature of BD. We review the available research to evaluate if cognitive dysfunction could possibly serve as a trait marker for BD. Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 29-32 Original Article

Adjustment patterns and anxiety in community-dwelling elderly: Exploring the gender differences

Introduction: Abstract: The changing life style and urbanization adversely affect the lives of most elderly people today, making them prone to anxiety and requiring lot of adjustments.
Aim: The study aimed to explore the gender differences in the adjustment patterns and anxiety of the community-dwelling elderly Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 33-36 Original Article

Cognitive functions in depressed young adult with or without somatic syndrome

Introduction: Abstract:Cognition may differ in various subgroups of depression. Only a few international studies have compared the cognitive functioning in patients with or without melancholia/somatic syndrome. Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 37-42 Original Article

Comparison of MMSE to DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for the detection ofdelirium in medically ill patients with psychiatric referrals

Introduction: Abstract : Despite wide-spread use of Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) to
screen for cognitive impairment, it has been inadequately studied in Indian samples
and there is a need to compare it to standard diagnostic criteria Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 43-48 Original Article

Assessment of stress and burnout among intensive care nurses at a tertiary care hospital

Introduction: Abstract : Nursing, by virtue of its nature, is an occupation subject to high degree of stress. Stress is not an isolated outcome of the transaction between stimuli and responses but the concept of burnout is closely associated with it Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 49-53 Brief communication

Attitude of Indian mental health professionals towards genetic counseling

Introduction:Abstract : The study aimed to assess the attitudes of Indian mental health professionals towards genetic counseling. An 18- item survey was designed in English and distributed among 87 mental health professionals Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 54-55 Inspirations from history

Simple observations, great breakthroughs

Introduction:Abstract :Simple, astute observations have led to some of the great breakthroughs in science and medicine. Be it the Newton’s law of gravity or Archimedes principles, they made humble beginnings in simple observations Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 56-57 List of Interesting Article

What is happening in research elsewhere?

Introduction: Abstract :Lithium in drinking water and suicide mortality Kapusta ND et al. The British Journal of Psychiatry 2011; 198: 346-50 The study utilized 6460 lithium measure-ments from drinking water of all 99 districts across Austria. Read More

JMHHB 2011 16(1): 58-61 Instructions for contributor

The Journal of Mental Health and Human Behaviour (JMHHB) is the official publication of the Indian Psychiatric Society

Introduction: Abstract : The Journal of Mental Health and Human Behaviour (JMHHB) is the official publication of the Indian Psychiatric Society Read More

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