Journal September 2010

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 67 – 68 Editorial

Effects of violent video games on children and adoloscents

Introduction: Abstract:There is a serious concern about the effects of violence portrayed in media and video games on children and adolescents. This concern was reflected in recommendations of American academy of pediatricians. Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 69 – 76 Review Article –

Prevention in Psychiatry: Where are we?

Introduction: Abstract : Prevention in psychiatry is still at a nascent state. Exact etiology of most of the psychiatric disorders is still not known, limiting the development of preventive strategies. Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 77 -87 Review Article-

Psychiatric Morbidity and psychotherapeutic interventions in cancer survivors

Introduction: Abstract :With ever increasing number of cancer patients and modalities of
treatment for them, a novel population is fast increasing. Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 88-90 Original Article

A comparative study of altruism among the boys and girls of joint and nuclear families.

Introduction: Abstract: Family plays an important role in the altruistic behavior of a person because the children first learn the norms of society from the family Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 91- 95 Original Article

Investigating pattern for patients with dementia

Introduction: Abstract: The aimof the study was to understand the relevance of the investigations in confirming the diagnosis of dementia in clinical practice Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 96-100 Original Article

Neuropsychiatric Morbidity and the Risk of Suicidal Behaviour in HIV/AIDS Patients

Introduction:Abstract : Mental health and HIV are closely interlinked. A number of previous
studies attempted primarily in thewestern countries have found a robust link between HIV/AIDS and psychiatric illness, including increased suicidal risk Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) :101-104 Original Article

Home Based Detoxification

Introduction: Abstract : Home-based detoxification (HBD) is a unique innovative strategy to provide treatment to the patients of substance use disorders at home. Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 105 -110 Original Article

A study of factors associated with common sexual disorders presenting at marital and sex clinic Male

Introduction: Abstract : Myths are prevalent in the society regarding dhat syndrome, nightfall and masturbation. That leads to anxiety, restlessness, wrong treatment seeking patterns
and wastage of finance on the unscientific and ineffective treatment Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 111 -115 Case Report

Trichotillomania : A Manifestation of Sibling Rivalry

Introduction: Abstract :Trichotillomania is a disorder of compulsive hair pulling that often results in alopecia. The majority of sufferers who seek treatment are female with usual age
of onset between 11 and 16 years

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 116 -118 Case Report

Penile Self-amputation by a Non psychotic Young Male

Introduction: Abstract :Genital self-mutilation in men is relatively rare and usually manifests in either psychotic disorders or gender-identity disorder (GID). We report a case of
penile self-amputation in a nonpsychotic, non-GID young male,who presented in emergency trauma ward,and following acute management of this catastrophic event,subsequently referred for psychiatric evaluation Read More

JMHHB 2010 15(2) : 119 -125 Case Conference

Bioplar Affective Disorder- Diagnostic Issue

Introduction: Abstract : Acute and transient psychotic disorder [ATPD] as diagnosed by ICD is aheterogeneous disorder with ill-defined course.When ATPD is encountered in patients with history of depressive episode, it would require careful scrutiny and long-term observations to delineate the episode from mania/ mixed episode and to make a comprehensive diagnosis. Read More