Journal September 2006

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 55- 56 Editorial

ADHD and Learing disability – Priti Arun

Introduction: Learning Disability (LD) is a general term that refers to a heterogeneous group of disorders manifested by significance difficulties in the acquisition and the use of listening, spelling, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematical ability. These disorders are intrinsic to the individual presumed to be due to central nervous system dysfunction.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 57- 63 Review Articles

Disabilty in Schizophrenia : Conceptual Issues – P. Kulhara, Suresh Kumar, R.Rajagopal

Introduction: Abstract: Schizophrenia is a disorder characterized by persistent difficulties in important areas of functioning even when the acutely flagrant stage of psychosis is in remission. These dysfunctions lead to significant loss of opportunities and productivity with long term implications in the life of the person with schizophrenia.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 64- 72
Projectivce Psychodiagnostics : Relevance in Practice of Contemporay Psychiatry – Ritu Nehra, Shubh Mohan Singh, Vineet Baharadwaj

Introduction:Abstract: Projective tests are one of the most commonly used for psychodiagnostic tests in clinical psychiatric practice. However, in the recent years, the scientific bases of these tests and their continued relevance to the practice of clinical psychiatry have been questioned.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 73- 77 Original Research Paper

Five Years Follow-up Study of Treated Drug Addicts : The Magnitude of Death And the Reasons thereof – Vani Kaler, Tushar Singh, Paramjit Singh, P.D.Gargi

Introduction: Abstract: Recent surveys suggest that the abuse of drugs, often in combination, is pervasive throughout society. There is growing concern about increase in illicit drug use and associated fatalities in young people Aim: To examine the characteristics of deaths among patients treated for addiction followed up after a period of five years.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 78- 84
Family Burden and Its Correlates among Caregivers of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Affective Disorder – Ritu Nehra, Subho Chakrabarti, Paramanand Kulhara, Rajni Sharma

Introduction: Abstract : Patients with chronic mental illnesses pose considerable burden on caregivers. However, family burden has not been examined in all such conditions. The present study thus attempted to examine caregiver burden and its correlates in caregivers of patients with both schizophrenia and bipolar effective disorder.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 85- 89
A one year follow up study of subjects with opioid dependence syndromea retrospective analysis – Ajeet Sidana, Sachin Rai, B.S.Chavan

Introduction: Abstract : Treatment of patients with substance use disorders is a challenging task. The major challenges are not only to maintain follow up in these patients but also to prevent relapse.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 90- 99 Case Conference

Abnormal Illness Behavior Causing Severe Disability : Diagostic Issue – Suresh Kumar, Nisha Warikoo, Sydney Moirangthem

Introduction: Abstract : Abnormal illness behaviors, ranging from non-deliberate distortion to intentional deception, are asscoicatd with clinical phenomena that lie among a continuum from unconscious sysmptom exaggeration to psychiatric disorders and malingering.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 100- 104
Comprehensive Management of a Child with Attention Defict Hyperactivity Disorder : A Case Study – Manju Mohanty, Suresh Kumar

Introduction: Abstract : Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood psychiatric disorders. Several studies have been conducted to investigate the effectiveness of medicaation, behavioral treatment and the combined approach in the management of ADHD.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 105- 107 Case Report

Low dose aripprazole as an augmenting agent in an elderly patient with unipolar depression : A cae report – Sachin Rai, Ajeet Sidana

Introduction: Abstract : Major depressive disorder is one of the most prevalent psychiatry disorders in the community. However, majority of cases show inadequate or no response to antidepressant treatment.

JMHHB 2006 11(2) : 108 Book Review

Child Development : Basic Issues – Amita Puri , Reviewer : Dr. Uday Sinha

Introduction: Abstract : Assessment plays vital role in early identification of developmental pathology or deviation and planning appropriate intervention. The professionals working in the area of child development or developmental pathology have always felt the need for a assessment tool to monitor child development with enough precision and accuracy for reaching a valid conclusion.