Journal March 2009

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 1 – 2 Editorial

Undetected Medical illnesses in psychiatric patients – Priti Arun

Introduction: Medical illness in psychiatric patients can be the cause of psychiatric symptomatology, may lead to worsening of symptoms, can be co existing without affecting psychiatric illness but requiring treatment.

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 3 – 15 Presidential Addressl

Role of Culture and Religion in Mental Health – Paramjit Singh

Introduction: Culture is broadly defined as a common heritage or set of beliefs, norms, and values . It refers to the shared, and largely learned, attributes of a group of people transmitted through symbols (verbal and non verbal).

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 16 -20 GC Boral Award

Reduced Bone Mineral Density with atypical antipsychotics in patients with schizophrenia – Rajinder Singla, B S Chavan, Ajeet Sidana

Introduction: Patients with schizophrenia frequently develop drug induced hyperprolactinemia and consequent hypogonadism. Decreased bone mineral (BMD) in psychiatric patients has been recognized for some time but only recently investigated.

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 21-29 AK Kala Award

Pattern of outcome in treatment resistant schizophrenia after ECT – Rohit Garg, B S Chavan, Priti Arun

Introduction: Abstract : Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has been shown to be effective in patients with treatment resistant schizophrenia. However, the effect of ECT on separate items on the positive and negative domains of schizophrenia has not been studied.

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 30-37 Review Article

Pharmacological Treatment of Opioid Dependence – Ashok Bhiman, Moushumi Purkayastha

Introduction: Abstract : The term ‘Opioids’ includes opiates which are a group of psychoactive substances derived from poppy plant and includes opium, morphine;semisynthetic drug ‘heroin’, oxycodone, hydrocodone and synthetic compounds with similar properties as methadone, meperidine and propoxyphene.

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 38- 45 Original Article

Pattern of psychiatric disorders in patients seeking treatment in a secondary health care institution – Gurvinder Pal Singh

Introduction: Abstract :Abstract : Indian literature is conspicuous by its paucity regarding pattern of psychiatric disorders in patients visiting secondary health care services. In the present study, Read More

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 46-50
Neurocognitive impairment in patients of diabetes mellitus – R K Solanki , Vaibhav Dubey, Paramjeet Singh, Deepti Munshi, Mukesh Kr. Swami

Introduction: Abstract :This study was conducted to find out the association of diabetes mellitus with cognitive functioning. We included 50 diabetic and 3O control subjects who were screened on the basis of various inclusion and exclusion criteria. Read More

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 51 -56
Stress and coping in the nursing students –
Sukhpal Kaur, Karobi Das, Amrinder, Neha, Kanika, Sukhjit, Meena, Pooja, Gagandeep, Isha, Arash, Rajina

Introduction: Abstract : Aim:The purpose of the present study was to identify the stressors and coping strategies of baccalaureate nursing students at one of the premier institutes of the country. Read More

JMHHB 2009 14(1) : 57 -59 Case Report

Estrogen Abuse: A case report – Swapnil Gupta, Shubhmohan Singh, Sandeep Grover

Introduction: Abstract : Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is being used increasingly over the past few decades. Although the physical and physiological effects of HRT have been extensively studied, only a few reports have documented the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms with HRT. Read More