Journal March 2007

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 1 – 2 Editorial

Physical exercise and Psychiatric Illnesses – Priti Arun

Introduction: There has been significant change in pattern of physical activity of normal population. Normal everyday functioning has changed significantly in past few decades to reduce physical activity substantially. Read More

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 3 – 9 Presidential Addresss

Human resources development for mental health – Kuldip C Sharma

Introduction: I bow my head to the Almighty, who bestowed His Kind blessings upon me to enable me to reach this position in my life. I bow to my revered benevolent teachers, who spared no efforts to help me to inculcate the best professional and personal virtues to save the aliening humanity. Read More

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 10-20 Review Articles

Suicide and its Prevention: Brief Review Sandeep Grover, Subho Chakrabarti

Introduction: Abstract :Suicide is known to humanity since the birth of mankind and it/s understood as a process, which starts much before the act and passes through various stages of suicidal thought-ideas-behaviors-attempts-completed act, drawing the subject from stage of helplessness to hopelessness, and eventual despair Read More

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 21-25
Novel strategies in the management of treatment resistant depression: a brief update Subho Chakrabarti, Partha Pratim Das

Introduction: Abstract : Treatment resistant depression is a common clinical entity Management of such patients is difficult in face of failure of repeated trials of medications. Accordingly newernovel strategies like repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation or vagus nerve stimulation therapy can play have an important role in the condition. Read More

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 26-30 Original Article

Students’ Awareness about Psychiatric Illnesses: A Study from a Hill State R K Chadda, P C Joshi, SS Gosain

Introduction: Abstract :Stigma to psychiatric illnesses is a strong deterrent to seeking medical help for them. Misconceptions about psychiatric illnesses are likely to be more prevalent in the remote geographical areas, located away from major urban dwellings. Assessment of awareness and attitudes about psychiatric disorders is the first step towards developing such strategies. Read More

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 31- 37
Practice and Pattern of Psychiatry referrals in a tertiary care teaching hospital Ajeet Sidana, Paramleen Kaur, B.S.Chavan, Priti Arun, Gurvinder Pal Singh

Introduction: Abstract :The aim of the present study was to assess the pattern of psychiatric referrals from the different disciplines including Medical and Surgical emergency to assess the symptomatology concordance rate of diagnosis between psychiatrist and non- psychiatrist, season and timing of the referrals at the tertiary care hospital, prospectively Total number of patients who attended emergency room services . Read More

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 38-42
A Study of Locus of Control in Relation to Grade and Gender in High School Children Jaspreet Kaur, V V Upmanyu

Introduction: Abstract : The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of grade and gender on locus of control in high school children. METHOD The sample comprised of one thousand adolescents (500 males, 500 females) studying in various schools from grades lXto XII, 125 in each class. The age of the participants ranged from 14 to 17 years. Read More

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 43-46 Case Report

Cerebellar Degeneration due to Alcohol Dependence in A Young Male —A Case Report B KWaraich, Paramleen Kaur

Introduction: Abstract :A 30 year old male is described who developed Cerebellar degeneration on 120 to 150 rn/of alcohol (whisky) consumed for 1 year with a break of 1-2 months on two occasions during that time.

JMHHB 2007 12(1) : 47-49
Zolpidem Dependence Syndrome- A report of Two Cases Ajeet Sidana, Priti Arun, Sachin Rai

Introduction: Abstract :Many drugs (hypnotics) are prescribed for sleep disorders. Benzodiaze pines have been the most widely used but they carty the risk of abuse and dependence. Some drugs like zolpidem were manufactured as having no or ve,y low dependence potential but in the recent times cases of zolpidem dependence syndrome have been reported. Read More

JMHHB 2007 12(2) : 50- 56 Case Confrence

Frontotemporal dementia Swapnil Gupta, Sandeep Grover, Adarsh Kohli

Introduction: Abstract : Fronto-temporal dementia is characterised by early prominent neuropsychiatric symptoms which usually precede or overshadow cognitive disabilities. The neuropsychiatric symptoms present as changes in social and personal conduct impulsivity.