An appeal: IPS contribution for Kerala disaster

For any paper to be considered for an award, it shall be necessary for the author to submit 4 copies of the full paper to the Chairman, Awards Committee by a date determined by the Chairman, Awards Committee.

To be eligible for the award, the paper must fulfill each of the following criteria:-
(a) It must be a research paper based on work done in India and must not have been published in a scientific journal nor presented at a National or International Conference.(b) The principal author and at least 50% of all authors and the person presenting the paper must be members of the North Zone, I.P.S. , at the time of the last date of submission for the particular year.
(c) The coauthors who are not members of the society are not eligible for receiving cash prize or certificate.

The full papers received for consideration for the Awards shall be considered by a panel of atleast 3 judges appointed by the Chairman, Awards Committee who shall select papers of sufficient merit for final rating at the time of presentation. Out of the papers the judges, the Chairman, Awards Committee shall select up to a maximum of three best papers for each award with the highest pooled percentage scores for presentation at the Annual Conference. The papers need to score a minimum of 50% marks, to be considered for presentation in the award session.

A panel of atleast 3 judges will be appointed by the Chairman, Awards Committee. Out of the total marks, 60% will be for preparation and compilation of the paper and 40% for its presentation at the Conference. The paper with the highest pooled rank order (with minimum of 50% marks) shall be declared the winner, In case of a tie, both the papers will be declared as joint winners.

All the authors of the award winning papers shall be considered to have won the award and will be issued certificates and those who are the members of the IPS, North Zone, will be eligible for the award money as follows:
(a) 25% of the money shall go to the author presenting the paper.
(b) The remaining 75% shall be distributed as follows:-
(i) If there are two authors who are eligible for the award money, 60% to the principal author and 40% to the co-author.
(ii) If there are more than two authors who are eligible for the award money, 50% to the principal author and 50% to be equally divided amongst the co-authors.

If in the opinion of a majority of judges, no paper is of high enough merit, there will be no award that year.

No paper shall be eligible to contest for an award where a member who has won that award in the immediately preceding year appears as an author or co-author. None of the judges of the award and none of the members of the Awards Committee shall be contestant for any Award that year.

The assessment of papers by the panel of judges as certified by the Chairman, Awards Committee shall be ratified by the Executive Council of IPS(NZ).